Privacy Policy

Bloggiee has made its priority to provide the authentic and best content on its site. Our website is dedicated to protecting the sensitive information of website visitors and writers. We are an online platform that follows a structural and lawful procedure to collect data from website visitors and writers. When you share your information with us, we ensure to maintain a higher security level to protect the data from unauthorized access.

Bloggiee collects the following type of information

    • The IP address of the system being used to access Bloggiee website
    • The visited and requested website URLs
    • Searched information
    • The type of browser application being used
    • Current time and date

Use of Cookies

Our blogging website uses cookies to remember information about your visited URLs. The use of cookies, helps us determine your area of interest. We analyze this information to suggest relatable topics to our writers to facilitate them with the best knowledge. Bloggiee understands the importance of your privacy, therefore, cookies do not interfere with your sensitive data.

How do we collect data from our writers?

When a writer signs up with us, he has to complete a form that consists of information like name, email address, phone, and other details. By using the information entered by the writers in the contact form, we communicate with them and inform them about the updates of their content or company’s information. Your information is not shared with any other website.

How do we use the collected information?

    • The sole purpose of this form is to interact with the writers, your information will not be shared on any other platform or third party.
    • By keeping a track of the IP addresses, we can determine if someone else is accessing your account. This helps in keeping your profile secure from unauthorized access.
    • With cookies, Bloggiee can ensure that the writers are accessing secure web pages.

In what ways do we manage the rights of our writers?

Bloggiee does not disclose the information of its writers or readers with any other company or third party. The information is shared with lawful firms in case of explicit situations such as copyright claims or duplication of content. Our website has a secure process and your data is always kept private from third-party users.

Summary of Privacy Policy

The privacy policy was revised by our team in February 2022. There can be changes made in the privacy policy according to new rules introduced by the company or for any rightful reason.

If any writer visits our website and wishes to publish the content, he must review the privacy policy to avoid any future complications.

If our company makes any major changes in the privacy policy, we will publish a notice on the Home page to inform all of our readers and writers.

Third-party sites rules and regulations

Being a blogging website there may be external links included on our site. Some websites are owned by third parties that do not have any access to your information. If any of the link provided is not working efficiently, we will not be held responsible. It is appreciated if you read every external website’s privacy policy before sharing information.